Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of August 20th

Summer’s end is almost upon us. For those of us in Toronto, Canada  – a ritual of the last gasp of summer is the Canadian National Exhibition, which will open this Friday the 20th of August and run until Labor Day. For those of you who will be reading about tech instead of (or in addition to) partaking in the CNE, I give you the Tech Weekly:

Facebook Live – Facebook launched a Live Video channel. Presumably this would be to launch new features in the future. Coverage: ReadWriteWeb.

Oracle Sues Google over Java – This one is bound for years of litigation. This week Oracle (the owners of Sun/Java) filed a lawsuit against Google (and Android)  for infringing on copyright. Coverage: MobileBeat, MarketWire, Cnet, Business Insider, Ars Technica,, Silicon AngleCharles Nutter.

Twitter Tweet Button – Taking a page out of the “Facebook Social Graph” book, Twitter releases a method of tweeting interesting pages by way of a button. I’m considering adding this feature to the Calwell Blog too. Coverage: CravingTech. And problems and slowdowns with this new feature: ReadWriteWeb.

MySQL to MS SQL Migrator – On the 12th, Microsoft released a new tool to let folks migrate from mySQL to Microsoft’  flagship DBMS named simply SQL. This utility is generally wrapped into the SQL Server Migration Assistant. Coverage: ZDnet.

Internet Explorer – turned 15 years young this week. The first version of IE was released on August 16, 1995 and the next beta of IE (version 9) is about to be released on September 15th. Coverage:  Slashdot, The Windows Club, Gizmodo.  In other (and widely less popular) news, Debian Linux turned 17.

The Web is Dead  – A Wired story, ironically, released on the web first, talks about how the web is now dead. This story has all sorts of tongues wagging (AVC, Gawker, TechCrunch, GigaOM, The Atlantic, Silicon Angle,  and a wonderful eye opener from The Technologizer) about how the web is, in fact, NOT dead. Does it really matter? should be the real question. While the Internet continues to evolve the method of getting at information will also continue to evolve. Dead? Not so much.

Facebook Places

Getting into the location-based game with Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook announced Facebook Places on Wednesday (API Documentation). This was long rumored by the Tech Press and was announced on Facebook’s new Live Video channel called Facebook Live. Canada will have to wait for this. Coverage: Mossberg, BGR, TechCrunch, Gawker.

Google Picasa Updated to 3.8 – Google’s Flickr-like photo sharing services was updated this week to version 3.8. With this upgrade came more photo editing enhancements with the use Piknik as well as a photo movie maker that lets you create movies that pivot on faces in the photos. More: Google Operating System, Download Squad.

Intel Buys McAfee – Yep, for the small change of  $7.86 billion dollars, chip maker Intel will buy security firm McAfee. This is a move that Intel seems to be making to add on-chip security features to its line up of hardware. Only time will tell how this turns out. Coverage: TechCrunch, The Next WebGigaOM.