Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of August 27th

It’s been a bit of a light week for me writing-wise. I have been working on a rather large upgrade and haven’t had allot of time to get back to writing. No matter what, I still have your back when it come to tech news. Here’s this week’s Calwell Tech Weekly.Enjoy.

Apple Patent – In an apparent effort to hit back at all the evil jailbreakers, Apple has filed a patent for the process of disabling devices that it detects as jailbroken. Look for this cat an mouse to continue forever. Coverage: Slashdot. Apple has also apparently patented a touch screen iMac, could this be a possibility in the near future? Coverage: Mashable, Slashgear, AppleInsider.

Free Ebook from Microsoft – One from Microsoft titled “Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2” – you can get this book here (and you need a LiveID/Passport/Hotmail/Whatever Microsoft is calling it now to do so). Coverage: Windows7News.

Windows Live Sync for Mac – In a move that suggests Microsoft doesn’t think the Mac will die anytime soon, they have released the beta version of Windows Live Sync Tools for the Mac. As to why it is called Windows Live Sync instead of Mac Live Sync? Anyone’s guess. Coverage: Ghacks.

Alternative to Tweet Button – In my last week’s post, I mentioned the Twitter Tweet button. If you are really going crazy over the idea and want the option to tweet any web page, perhaps the Tweet Bookmarklet is right for you? Or maybe a Chrome Extension? Coverage: TheNextWeb, TechCrunch.

Google News – Every week you’ll usually hear something about Google, but this week comes big changes. Google updated it’s iPhone app to support push notifications- this is great news for those who have had to jailbreak to get this feature. Coverage: TUAW. The big news is Voice Calling in Gmail. This feature allows for free calls from your Gmail account to anywhere in the US and Canada. I have even tested this tethering through a 3G connection and it works well even at that speed. Truly amazing. Coverage: Cnet, Slashdot.

Fun! – And, finally, if you have seen the new trailer for “that Facebook Movie” named The Social Network (go check it out, if you haven’t), then I bring you a parody trailer for The Twit Network. Amazing! make sure you aren’t sitting down when you watch this :)