Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of September 3rd

What an incredibly busy week in technology. This week lots of new features, a huge Apple keynote (that no-one in the Windows world was able to watch natively),  product updates and other interesting stuff in technology. The summer may be more or less dead, but you’ll be glad you checked out this run down.  If you haven’t been watching the news closely as you would have liked, I’m here to help with this week’s Calwell Tech Weekly

Apple, Apple – In Apple’s annual fall event (a) iOS 4.1 is going to be released as a bug fix with a few new features including Game Center, HD video uploads and High Dynamic Range Photos – this will be available next week and Free (b) in iOS 4.2 (in November), wireless printing will be possible and it’s a free update (c) iPods are being redesigned a new clip-style iPod Shuffle (2gb for $49us), the iPod Nano will have a multi-touch interface (8gb $149, 16gb $179), the iPod Touch uses the new retina display, the a4, iOS 4.1 and a front and rear facing camera with FaceTime support (8gb $229, 32gb $299, 64gb $399). (d) iTunes version 10 will be released with a new interface with a new hybrid view, but it really doesn’t look much different. A new “social network” for music called PING will be included that will aide in discovery. This seems very – ish. PING is available now and open to a possible 160 million users. PING will be available on the iPhone or iPod Touch too. No iPad? iTunes 10 is free and available now. (e) AppleTV will have a second generation and a fourth the size of the first generation Apple TV. The back connectors are very simplified (no USB). They are going to the “Rental Model” where presumably all content is in the cloud (streaming, no syncing). Renting a first run movie will be $4.99, to rent an HD TV show it will be 99c (commercial free). Netflix streaming library is also included. YouTube support is included. AppleTV will cost $99. It will be available later this month.

The Coverage is insane (here are just a few articles): 
Gizmodo – The Apple Music Event
TUAW – iPad OS will be revved to 4.2 in November, unifies the line
Wired – Apple Takes Aim at Cable With Tiny New Apple TV
Engadget – iPod nano redesigned: smaller, lighter, better and costing $149 for 8GB or $179 for 16GB
LifeHacker – iTunes 10 Gets a Streamlined Interface, Adds a Social Network for Music
Mashable – Ping Is the Last Nail in the Coffin for MySpace

Other Stuff: Location of streamed video can be controlled from the iPad (through Airplay). What’s most interesting to me is the new Nano (see video below) , and how the Apple TV will flesh out, it really can only go up from this point, and maybe streaming is the answer.

Exchange 2010 SP1 – Microsoft just released SP1 of their flagship mail server product. You can download the 522mb update here. Check the announcement here. Coverage: Znet, Windows7News, Ars.

ActiveSync added to Hotmail – In development for some time, Microsoft this week added ActiveSync to Hotmail. This allows users to connect Hotmail to a back-end Exchange server and/or enable push notifications to various devices. Coverage: Zdnet, BoyGenius, Cnet.

Windows Live Sync gets a new name – In the most nonsensical move possible, Microsoft this week will be re branding the Live Sync tool to Live Mesh. Coverage: Ghacks, DigitalHomeThoughts,

Canon Releases New Stuff – Canon releases a bunch of new lenses, and the Eos 50D DLSR. Coverage:  DigitalHomeThoughts, DHT Again,  SlashGear.

Netflix arrives on the iPhone/iPod Touch – For those that are lovers of Netflix, they’ll have more to love now that iPhone and iPod Touch have a Netflix apps. Get the app here. Coverage: TUAW, LifeHacker.

Google Updates Realtime Search – in a move to bolster its real time search options, Google has split this new search off its mail page. You can find this at I tried this inside of Internet Explorer and it sucked – but clearly the appetite for real time search is here. Coverage: TheNextWeb, Google Blog.

Google Updates Reader – Adding a Full Screen option to the powerful RSS reader. Many have said RSS is dead, but this great application proves them wrong every time. Use the “F” and “SHIFT + U” to control this new feature. Coverage: Google Blog, TheNextWeb.

Google introduces Priority Inbox – Not slowing down one bit, Google also introduces a new mail sorting feature/algorithm inside of Gmail called Priority Inbox. This allows you to sort what’s important differently from what’s not so important. So far only one of my Google accounts has had this feature enabled. Killer Feature NOT in any other mail client. Coverage: TheNextWeb, GoogleSystem.

YouTube Movies – This week, YouTube has posted over 400 new full-length movies at You will find more movies available on the US-Based site, but there are still quite a large number of movies on the Canadian page. TO watch an R-Rated movie, you’ll have to have to sign up. Coverage: TechCrunch, TheNextWeb.

The ATI brand is dead – Yes, sadly AMD is sending the one-time Toronto-Based  ATI brand out to pasture. The ATI brand will not be attached to video cards such as the Radeon. I think this is going to cause more confusion in the graphics market as more powerful cards come out and more and more are referred to by chipsets instead of who makes them (a la Nvidia). Coverage: Slashdot, Gizmodo.