Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of September 10th

This week was all about Google. They released a HUGE new change to an already amazing and dominant search service, called Google Instant. This week’s Calwell Tech Weekly takes you through that, and other interesting technology news items of the past week.

Google Instant – Google this week unveiled a new search page that suggests search results immediately as you type in the search box. This is currently only available for newer browsers and for signed in users in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the U.K. In my experience with this, Google Instant makes search quite a bit more interactive. Coverage: UnofficalGoogleNews, Google.

Google Scribe – Google also released a new tool this week called Google Scribe. This tool provides suggestions as you write or type a document. Coverage: Google Operating System, DownloadSquad.

Twitter for the iPad – Launched this week, the official application for Twitter on the iPad was released to decidedly mixed reviews. Coverage: DownloadSquad, Twitter,

Google Music – The service planned to compete directly with the iTunes store has had some problems getting off the ground. Google has reportedly had some problems getting music labels on board for the service. Reuters says that Google will release this service by Christmas, 2010. Coverage: SlashGear,

Facebook – Launched a remote logout feature for all those paranoid users of the world. If you think you’ve left a browser open and logged into Facebook, this tool is right for you. Coverage: AllFacebook.

Migrating to Office 2010? – Microsoft this week released migration guides for the various applications in the Office Suite. If you are a user of the Office 2003 product, these guides should get you up to speed quickly. The guides are free downloads and are in PDF format. Download them here.

Seesmic Desktop 2 – The Silverlight-based swiss army knife of social networking was released in 1.0 version this week at a streamed event. The new application features 42+ plugins and great color coding and real-time support. You can get the app here. Also, check out the Klout plugin to find out more about a tweeter’s influence. Coverage: First Look Video From Scoble,

CyberCrime Report 2010 – Norton this week released a report on cybercrime all over the world. They say that 65% of adults all over the world have been a victim of cybercrime. FUD, or real news? You decide.