Calwell Tech Weekly – Week of September 17th

So, this Tech Weekly will be somewhat abbreviated. All this week I have been migrating much of my content from a Gmail account to the full-blon Google apps (with interesting results). I’m still on top of the news though. Here’s what you should know this week.

New Facebook Feature? – Created and then removed, the “Facebook Discovery Browser” looked to be intended to help users find new pages to follow. The site went up, then down this week. Coverage: Inside Facebook. Also Facebook Places was enabled in the UK.

YouTube Instant 
– After the release of the Google Instant search, a copycat of sorts has released the YouTube Instant site to mixed results. Coverage: The Windows Club. YouTube also started testing a Live streaming service similar to and Coverage: Download SquadGoogle Operating System.

Boxee Pre-Orders 
– Due in November, Amazon started taking pre-orders for the new TV device this week. Look to this device as being one of the three big T habit changers (Google TV, Apple TV, and Boxee). Coverage: NewTeeVee.

Twitter’s New Interface
 – This week Twitter held an event to launch their newly re-resigned web interface. This new interface makes much more use of the right sidebar, includes what looks like tabs and many more details. When viewing more about a tweet – there will be a quick view pane of sorts that allows for inline image and video viewing. Evan Williams says, at the event this week: “This is a complete revamp. This is a new architecture. The entire front-end is re-engineered.” Expect to see this new interface rolled out slowly to users. Coverage: ReadWriteWebTheNextWebThe Twitter Blog
The new Twitter interface
Check out the official video for this new interface:

New HTC Stuff 
– Smartphone maker HTC this week unveiled two new phones this week – the Desire HD and the Desire Z. Both come with new screens and processors in step with the already announced G2. Coverage: Boy Genius Report.

Diaspora Lives
 – The open Facebook competitor Diaspora this week released source code. The creators of the site seem clearly intent on asking the Internet community for help in the development of this product. Coverage: TheNextWebTechCrunch,

More tech news you might have missed: 
 ZDnet says the new social service from Google called “Google Me” is coming this fall. More on that here. Google again fired two employees for breaking company policy. Singer John Mayer this week walked away from Twitter – and 4.7 million followers. Internet Explorer released a new beta of the version 9 browser that had some folks blown away. This did not include me. Get it here, if you want. OnStar began beta testing its Facebook application. Google Chrome has a new(?) shortcut to paste just text: CTRL +SHIFT + V.