Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of September 24th

This will be the first week I’m getting the Calwell Tech Weekly to you late. Through the entire week, I have been working like a madman, leaving less and less time to share with yo what’s going on. But, not to fear, you I have also added some new features to the weekly column to help ease the pain of my lateness. I’ve added sections at the bottom for news about Traditional Media in Decline as well as Tools I found Interesting. Read on matey!

Google Two-Step Signon – Further enhancing security, Google adds an extra level (including a mobile app) for all but Standard Google Apps users. Standard will come along shortly. Google also said that it would be bringing editing of Google Docs to Android and iPads. Coverage: Google Enterprise Blog, JKontherun, Ars Technica

Google Voice Mobile on iPhone – Coming back to the iTunes app store – the popular Google Voice application was pulled from the app store last year. Google Voice is only available to those in the US currently. Coverage: TUAW, BGR, Slashgear

Windows Small Business Server 7 – This week Microsoft released the preview for this new Operating System. You can get the preview here. Coverage: Full of IT

Blu-Ray Protection Cracked – Yep, you knew this was inevitable. Intel has confirmed that the HDCP master key that protects Blu-Ray discs has been leaked, making Blu-Ray’s unlock able and copyable. Coverage: Slashdot, PCMag

Facebook Places in Canada – Finally, this week Facebook Places comes to Canada so us hosers can start to use it. if you use the Android Operating System (as I do) point your browser to and find the tab named “places”. Coverage: Facebook

McAfee releases a short URL service – the company with the impossible-to-spell-the-first-time name this week released a hugely useless URL shortening service called Coverage: TechCrunch

Halo Reach is a HUGE Success – The game was released this past week to $200 Million  in sales in the first 24 hours, Microsoft says. That’s allot of cash for a game. Games seem to be the new Traditional Media. Coverage: FutureShop

Talk Like a Pirate Day – You may have missed this too. On Sept 19, “talk like a pirate day” was celebrated with all sorts of uber-nerds saying “ahoy matey!”. You don’t know how to talk like a pirate? Check out this video:

Traditional Media In Decline this week:
– Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy this week possibly sealing this companies fate?
– Netflix Streaming open up for business this week in Canada. You can get a free 30 day trial (with a credit card) here. Going forward from there is $7.99 a month. Canadian Dollars.
– Apple signs a deal with Rovi in a possible move closer to the rumored “Apple TV” device?

Tools I found interesting this week:
– Text Presenter is what seems to be a cool idea. A tool that helps you read faster. This thing requires the very annoying Java VM installed, but it does seem very cool.
iTunes Instant  is another tool taking advantage of the new “instant” meme happening thanks to Google.
PicPick is small Free Windows tool that captures the screen, shares out images and a host of other features.
Insync looks to be what the Gmail drive should have been. Lots of great tools to sync Google Docs back and forth from the desktop. is a very interestign fitting service that aims to solve that clothing size problem that online clothing retailers have. This is definitely on it’s way to being what we need to to buy fashion online. Next, we’ll see an online avatar/mannequin service.