Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 15th

Another wildly interesting week that revolved around new smartphones and cars. Cars, you say? Yes, lots of interesting technology in cars is coming out in the near future – from Google testing self-driving vehicles to the new Chevy Volt. Much of this drives controversy, as always. So, sit back, grab a glass of wine (or grape juice if you wish) and take a look at the more interesting stuff going on this week.

Windows Phone 7 Launch – Microsoft finally launched the Windows 7 Phone product on the world. Much of the tech world is actually liking the various products, which is great news for Microsoft – but the consensus is also that the products will not sell. Too little, too late. Microsoft does seem much more humble here, after so many phone mis-steps. What we’ll have at launch is nine Windows 7 capable phones: Samsung Focus, LG Optimus, Samsung Omnia, HTC Surround, LG Quantum, Dell Venue Pro,  HTC HD7, HTC 7 Trophy, and the HTC 7 Mozart. In Canada, looks like Telus & Rogers  will be the carrier of choice for Windows Phone 7.  Apparently, the phones will be released without Cut & Paste support, and Tablets? Not likely with a name like Windows Phone.  Coverage: Mashable, Microsoft, Windows Live, TechCrunch, Channel 9 (Silverlight Video), Scoble.

And, here is the official Windows Phone 7 advertisement , if you haven’t seen it. I have to wonder if this “Get in, and get out” strategy is really going to work. Some are actually calling this ad a disaster.

GOOG-411 Dying – This week, Google announced that it’s free Business Search calling tool will end as of November 12, 2010. This service allows you to connect, free of charge, to any business in the US and Canada, free of charge. Generally, the use of Google’s new in-Gmail phone calling supersedes this feature, although it will be sad to see it go. Coverage: Google, TheNextWeb, Unofficial Google News.

Sony GoogleTV Devices – Announced this week, Sony debuted four new devices that utilize GoogleTV software and feature some really look looking keyboards. Expect to see allot of GoogleTV compatible devices as Christmas draws closer. Coverage: Mashable, BGR, PCWorld, DVICE.


Outrage over the Chevy Volt – As news of the new Chevrolet car named the Volt starts to come out – it appears as though the car is simply a “very advanced hybrid” and not a new concept as had been promised. Possibly even more damning of the vehicle paid for by quite a bit of bailout cash – is that the fuel economy is nothing like what was promised previously. Not even 10% of what was promised. Wow. Coverage: Jaolplink, Wired, Slashdot, Cnet, Scoble.


More about the Google Self-Driving Car, very interesting stuff:

And, if you a blogger, here is a great article on why blogging still matters.

Also, have you seen this video recently from Sesame Street? Take a look at the story behind this video on Mashable.

Traditional Media In Decline this week:

[Music Business] – Often cited as the model for how evil the Internet has been, and how the Music Business has been in decline. A great article at the Economist tells a story of a thriving, and in some cases, highly profitable Music Business today.
Tools I found interesting this week:

Tondino – A very cool service that allows you to host your own computer as a cloud server. Don’t know what this means? Imagine having access too, and the ability to play your entire music collection inside your house or anywhere in the world (including on your mobile device)? That’s just the beginning of what this stuff can do. Yes, it is pretty cool. And Free.
Day Of Birth – Do you ever wonder what was going on the day you were born? Looking for more than what you can find with Wikipedia? Wondering how many seconds you’ve been alive? All these questions answered, and more.
ZipRepair – This free version 1.0 utility purports to fix corrupted ZIP files. Worth a look for the sake of recovering data. I wonder about the DiskInternals name, very close to SysInternals, no? Found on RedFerret.