Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 1st

What another crazy week. I’m still late with this week’s CTW, but not as late as last time. We’ve had a number of new and interesting products pop up – not least of which would be the new Blackberry Playbook device. This 7″ tablet looks to take on the iPad in a big way. So , time to dive and and look at what’s new in tech this week.

TechCrunch is Sold to AOL – The monster deal of the week in Tech. Technology Startup blog TechCrunch was purchased this week by AOL. Some are saying this is the end of blogging as we know it. Coverage: TheBlogHearald, Scoble

RIM unleashes a new Tablet called Playbook – The new 7″ inch tablet will run an Operating System called QNX (planned for future Blackberries?) and include a front and back facing camera, multitasking, a 1ghz processor, Flash support and a massive 1gb of RAM. Full specs and details can be found here. Expect this sometime early next year. Coverage: SlashGearAllThingsDigital




Facebook Skype – Word is that Facebook and Skype are planning to announce a  “wide-ranging partnership that will include integration of SMS, voice chat and Facebook Connect. It’s not clear what this will be, but its seems that if Facebook can’t buy Skype, they’ll join them. Coverage: BGR

Google New – If you are a fan of tracking new stuff that Google releases, the newly released Google New site will keep you up-to-date on everything this company releases. Or, you could just stay tuned to this site to find out what’s most important. There are usually too many new Google features to really keep track of. Coverage: Ghacks

Openoffice now LibreOffice
– This is a possible re-birth of the free office package that has been great, but not great enough to unseat the Microsoft dominated Office package. With Google Docs and other applications, this is an application that may not last. More: here, CRN

Microsoft Security Essentials – In early October, Microsoft will be offered to businesses for free for up to 10 PCs. It’s not clear at this point if the management component of this will be included, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction for Microsoft. Coverage: ZDnetTheWindowsClubGhacks

DropBox on the Blackberry 
– You can now use your Blackberry device to get into your DropBox data using the free service. Download the Blackberry app here. Coverage: BlackberrySync

Super WiFi
– Though not the products just yet, the spectrum that will be used for new Wi-Fi products (called white space) has been approved by the FCC in the US. Coverage: GizmodoTechFlash

Facebook Page Browser
– That feature I mentioned in an earlier Calwell Tech Weekly? Well, Facebook finally released this new feature called “Discover Facebook Pages“. Essentially is a one-stop like-fest, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Windows Live Spaces is Dead
– The blogging platform used by many to… umm. blog, is now been killed by Microsoft. Brutal. More information on this can be found on ZDnetWinSupersiteDownloadSquadSlashdot

Traditional Media In Decline this week:
– Microsoft is predicting the demise of Blu-Ray, citing the fact that digital downloads will be the de-faco standard for viewing content. Microsoft’s UK Xbox head, Stephen McGill says “actually Blu-ray is going to be passed by as a format.”
– A Spanish judge has dismissed a case brought against YouTube by Spanish television station Telecinco over infringement of Intellectual Property. This further reinforces the value of YouTube as a media platform and not a content provider. Coverage: Slashdot
– Canadian barriers to entry for online services are brutal, so say this Techdirt article. They go on to say “Canadian radio stations pay approximately 2.1% of gross revenue to the recording industry” – the Canadian Recording industry needs to take it’s head out of the mud.
– 60 Minutes comes to YouTube, and likely only in the US. The long-running CBS show will be launching a YouTube channel and first-run episodes directly to the online video streaming service. Coverage: Google Tutor.
Tools I found interesting this week:
– Prey is an open source application to help you track your computer and/or phone if it is stolen. This great tools is full of features.The blog Lifehacker outlines most of them here.
– TrueCrypt – is a great tool to encrypt data, drives or even your entire system. I use this great tool on my own Windows system. For some great tips, check this out.
WhoCrashed – I’ve seen this before, but never really had it when the moment called for it. If you are in the post-crash glow of a dead-ish Windows box – this may help.