Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 29th

After spending the better part of this week recovering – I wasn’t able to follow as much of what’s going on as I would like. After a few starts and stops, the news, like the mucus in my lungs start to loosen up and flow. This week’s Calwell Tech Weekly is still here and so am I. Enjoy this installment, and for goodness sake, stay healthy!

Apple passes RIM in Smartphone Share – News that was likely expected  as Apple continued to release incredibly successful products. But, now, it has been confirmed that Apple has a larger share of the smartphone pie than RIM. RIM needs a big win. Coverage: GigaOM.

HP Slate 500 is Announced – I personally didn’t think this was going to be real. The iPad was a huge success,  Windows slates were not really happening, the Courier concept was shelved – it seemed the Steve Ballmer demo would be the last time we see this slat, until this week! Expect it to cost $799.00us. Coverage: Gizmodo,  Engadget, Mashable.

Wi-Fi Direct -This week, a new protocol for wireless communications from device to device (similar to Bluetooth). Given that 802.11 has a much better range than Bluetooth – this could change the game. I think it will depend on how easy and reliable the device setup is. Coverage: BGR.

Office 2011 for Mac – Finally arriving this week – the 2011 version of Office for the Mac platform comes out in .. um .. 2010. But, this versioning is in keeping with previous Mac/PC offerings (Remember Office 2007 and ten Office 2008?). More info here. Coverage: Unofficial Apple Weblog, Slashgear.

LimeWire Dies – This week, the “Superior network for fast distribution of spyware” was shut down in the U.S. A message on their official home page says “THIS IS AN OFFICIAL NOTICE THAT LIMEWIRE IS UNDER A COURT-ORDERED INJUNCTION TO STOP DISTRIBUTING AND SUPPORTING ITS FILE-SHARING SOFTWARE. DOWNLOADING OR SHARING COPYRIGHTED CONTENT WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION IS ILLEGAL”. In Caps. Coverage: Slashdot, BGR.

Barnes & Noble NookColour – This week also saw the release of something we Canadians can’t get (easily, anyway) – the color version of the Nook eReader device. Bigger screen, runs Android, nice! Coverage: CrunchGear, Mashable.

Traditional Media In Decline this week:
[Video Streaming] – A Ziff-Davis article proclaims “The Internet Belongs to Netflix”. Indeed, most of the bandwidth today is being used by some sort of media streaming and Netflix is chief among them.
[Television] – ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking content and websites on Google’s TV product. A Wall Street Journal article describes more about this.
[Cable TV] – Another great article on  TechCrunch about the death of Cable TV (and why we shouldn’t count cable out, just yet).
[Piracy] – Sean Parker, the man portrayed as sleazy in The Social Network, is actually quite a knowledgeable fellow in the ways of music and media distribution. In this video, he talks about how we should accept “the war on piracy was a failure”. Great video.

Tools I found interesting this week: – An interesting search engine that allows nomadic workers to find a place to stop and work. The app has a limited amount of information for Toronto, but it’s definitely something that has potential (we say adding Starbucks locations is also a good thing).
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Release Candidate – has been released and you can download it or read the documentation.
Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook Air – You knew it was going to happen. Check out this completely untested (by me) guide to setting up this freak of computer existence.