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Year In Review: Calwell Tech Weekly Looks At Technology In 2010

Twenty-Ten will go down in history as much more than ending the first decade of this new millennium. This year we saw the leaking of copious amounts of oil, WikiLeaks: leaking copious amounts of government data and a massive earthquake damage in Haiti. 2010 will also be remembered for all of the amazing and interesting technology news – from the introduction of the iPad, to the nuances of privacy, to the rise of Android (and fall of RIM), to the domination by Facebook of practically every form of media (Howard Stern beware). Join me as I take a look at the big stories of 2010.

Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 29th

After spending the better part of this week recovering – I wasn’t able to follow as much of what’s going on as I would like. After a few starts and stops, the news, like the mucus in my lungs start to loosen up and flow. This week’s Calwell Tech Weekly is still here and so am I. Enjoy this installment, and for goodness sake, stay healthy!

Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 15th

Another wildly interesting week that revolved around new smartphones and cars. Cars, you say? Yes, lots of interesting technology in cars is coming out in the near future – from Google testing self-driving vehicles to the new Chevy Volt. Much of this drives controversy, as always. So, sit back, grab a glass of wine (or grape juice if you wish) and take a look at the more interesting stuff going on this week.

Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 8th

This is becoming a pattern, no? Well, a good pattern to say for sure. This week’s edition of the Calwell Tech Weekly turns off the Bozo Filter and turns on the fun. With so many interesting things going on, it’s easy to forget that Calwell has a Facebook page, but you won’t forget right? This week we take a look at new Facebook features, Twitter changes, a Rogers blog, and a Clueless Kiss band member. Read on.

Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 1st

What another crazy week. I’m still late with this week’s CTW, but not as late as last time. We’ve had a number of new and interesting products pop up – not least of which would be the new Blackberry Playbook device. This 7″ tablet looks to take on the iPad in a big way. So , time to dive and and look at what’s new in tech this week.

Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of September 24th

This will be the first week I’m getting the Calwell Tech Weekly to you late. Through the entire week, I have been working like a madman, leaving less and less time to share with yo what’s going on. But, not to fear, you I have also added some new features to the weekly column to help ease the pain of my lateness. I’ve added sections at the bottom for news about Traditional Media in Decline as well as Tools I found Interesting. Read on matey!

Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of September 3rd

What an incredibly busy week in technology. This week lots of new features, a huge Apple keynote (that no-one in the Windows world was able to watch natively),  product updates and other interesting stuff in technology. The summer may be more or less dead, but you’ll be glad you checked out this run down.  If you haven’t been watching the news closely as you would have liked, I’m here to help with this week’s Calwell Tech Weekly