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Let’s Change the Game: A New Commenting Process

Your comments deserve to be a larger part of each article than the second-class status they get now. They enhance what is usually me blabbering on about something or other. I have always wondered why comments and the articles they’re attached to have to be separated. They’re off to the side (on Medium), or on the bottom of an article (as was always the case here). On some sites, comments are actually hidden behind several clicks and other inane visual elements that keep you from what others are saying. Others still have simply shut off their commenting systems altogether. I want to change that.

Is It Right To Write?

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Recently, I found myself in a heated conversation about business and entrepreneurship. This is something I’m keenly interested in, for the sake of all that Calwell does as a service provider, and for the opportunity to learn something from others. One of my thoughts related to creating a fully formed identity from within, while creating one (or several) companies. The person with whom I was talking rather snarkily replied that he chases business, while I blog. It didn’t hit me right away, but I realized that doing what I do here isn’t exactly looked at as the “right” path for an aspiring business owner. Or, is it?

Changes at CWL

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Over the next little while, you’re going to see a few changes to CWL. I’ve always leaned towards making this site and its tools as simple as possible. Over the next several days, you’ll see that take effect in how this site looks. My effort will be to merge the older “www.cwl.cc” site into this page and make CWL the main page for all things CWL related. To that end, the “blogging” subdomain will eventually go away, making all links to this page a much easier “cwl.cc/pagename”. This transition might take a while, and there will surely be a few bumps in the road, so I appreciate your patience.

Through it all, I will continue to blog and software tools will all to be available. Thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome.

Technical Difficulties

Dropbox 509 ErrorIf it weren’t for technical problems, I sometimes wonder what I’d been doing. One thing that’s for sure, is that as issues get fixed, more pop up and need attention. Those of you that read Blogging Calwell have probably noticed that we’ve had some problems here with the podcast and software downloads. Hitting any download-related links brings you to a lovely Dropbox  509 error page. While the error still happens on public Dropbox links associated with my account, I’ve worked to correct most of the errors you’ll see on this site. I thought I’d explain a little more about what happened.

Where Are The Stars in My Reviews?

star_ratingsYou might have come here once or twice to see reviews of various hardware devices or software applications. In fact, if you pull up a list of posts tagged as review, you’ll find quite a few of them.  We’re big fans of anything new and interesting and want to get our thoughts about them out there as quickly as we can. But, one thing you may have noticed is that there aren’t star ratings attached to the reviews you see here. Why’s that? Well, let me explain.

If It Isn’t News, Then What Is It?

Newsman In Front Of CameraI’ve taken a little time to step back and ponder what it is that happens here on this blog. Can this really be called “tech news”? Can it be that we’re a “how to” site?. Is it more of a “product review” site? Should it be said that this is more about punditry and the “curation” of information? This and other questions have been on my mind as I have been struggling to clearly define what you might expect when that browser you’ve chosen lands on this blog page. So, let me explain.

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