Calwell Tech Weekly – Week Of October 8th

This is becoming a pattern, no? Well, a good pattern to say for sure. This week’s edition of the Calwell Tech Weekly turns off the Bozo Filter and turns on the fun. With so many interesting things going on, it’s easy to forget that Calwell has a Facebook page, but you won’t forget right? This week we take a look at new Facebook features, Twitter changes, a Rogers blog, and a Clueless Kiss band member. Read on.

Windows Live Essentials 2011 (download) – is released this past week to little or no fanfare. I wonder if Microsoft is becoming the also-ran of the tech world? This decent package of utilities includes Messenger, Photo Gallery, Writer, Movie Maker, and Mail (what was once Outlook Express. Coverage: Microsoft Announcement, Ghacks.

WebP by Google – This week saw the ambitious release of a new image format called WebP. Intended as a replacement for JPEG as the default image format of web sites, WebP is looking to change the way we see, and download the web. WebP promises to make image files up to 40% smaller than that of the JPEG compression format. Currently no browser supports this format, but Chrome support is imminent. Coverage: Download SquadMashable, Gizmodo, Wired.

Twitter CEO Steps Down – Evan Williams this week stepped down as Twitter CEO, passing this job on to Chief Operating Officer Dick Costolo. Release: Twitter Blog – Coverage: ComputerWorld, TechCrunch.

Rogers Redboard BIZ – Geared more to businesses, Rogers this week launched a new Blog. Looking to connect to users better, Rogers is really expanding this concept – they must have been happy with the level fo engagement on the original Redboard.

New Facebook Features – Facebook this week offered a few new features (1) a new groups feature that makes groups more powerful and more like Twitter Lists (2) Download your Information- which gives you the ability to download your data from Facebook in the form of a zip file. Coverage: ReadWriteWeb, Gizmodo, Facebook.

Skype for Android – Released this week, Skype is now on the Android platform and can be used to make phone calls in and out and can use your WiFi connection. Great news if you’re an Android user that has long wished to have this application working and fully supported. Bad news if you’re Canadian, since it’s still only US-Based. Coverage: Slashgear, TechCrunch.

Traditional Media In Decline this week:
Advertising – An interesting Print Advertising/Augmented Reality concept by insurance company AXA shows how print Ads are having to evolve in this new digital world. I’m not sure this will change many minds, but it does look nifty. Check out a video demo:

Advertising – An interesting concept, Unlogo, takes video and replaces or removes occurrences of corporate logos in the stream. The ramifications of this are numerous, including sanitizing logo noise of the many YouTube videos and ending much of the free advertising large brands enjoy in movies, TV shows, etc.
Gene Simmons – Gives a talk about P2P and music downloads (video). it’s worth it to take a look at this and see how out of touch old media is. He is clearly clueless about new media (admitting he knows nothing about social media) and wishes to control new media changes by way of fear: “Make sure there are no incursions. Be litigious. Sue everybody. Take their homes, their cars. Don’t let anybody cross that line.”. Clueless Dinosaur.

And a side note, when looking at traditional media in decline, it’s valuable to look back at what was happening in the early 1980’s. One great quote “We’re not in it to make money” – This fascinating video takes you back:

Tools I found interesting this week:

ErrorLevelAnalysis (Image Forensics) – A nifty forensic tool that can take a JPEG image and give you some insight into whether the image was retouched or digitally modified. Fascinating Stuff.
Mulve (Music Downloads)- An interesting take on getting music, Mulve craws a Russian Facebook clone to gather music files and downloads. All this for free, for now, that is.
ViVu (Video Conferencing) – A video conferencing app that seems to be far and above it’s competitors. This application can apparently link a number of conference streams together and broadcast them on the Internet. Great stuff. Check out the comparison with other services too
DooID – This service gives you the ability to make an online Business Card (and link to a .vcf file). A very cool idea – check out mine here:
While here, check out some other interesting stuff:
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