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This one was really fun to make. I needed a program I could use with installers to kill running processes as well as a simple GUI application that would be useful with command-line options. There are a number of free and not so free programs out there that do this kind of thing but they lack the simplicity that I needed and the ability to kill based on command line parameters.

My rather unique response to this demand was the process Killer. The process killer allows you to (a) view and kill running processes interactively (b) kill a process by ID (c) kill a process by fully qualified filename (d) kill a process just by filename (without extension). In the cases where you use a filename on the command line, Process Killer will find all the processes with that name running, and kill all of them.

Process Killer works on all Windows platforms including NT, 95, 98, 2002, XP, 2003, 2008, 7.

The Command Line Options

Note: Use options wisely, all matching processes are killed forcibly.

The following are your options:

prockill.exe /i:{id} – Kill process ID number specified

Example: prockill.exe /i:3372

prockill.exe /p:{path} – Kill all apps with path specified

Example: prockill.exe /p:”C:windowsnotepad.exe”

prockill.exe /n:{filename} – Kill all apps with filename specified

filename should be the app”s full file name without .exe

Example: prockill.exe /n:notepad

prockill.exe (no arguments) – Run program in gui mode

prockill.exe /? – View the help window