At CWL we’re happy to take any of your technology-related support questions or requests. We will provide you with clear and honest direction. Please be aware of the following:

  1. You should contact us in our native language: English. There are exceptions, and we will accommodate whenever possible.
  2. CWL works out of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. We are not geographically bound to this area, but working where you are may require travel if it cannot be done remotely.
  3. We are at times facing high call levels. Sometimes we can’t respond to everything, immediately. Please be patient and we will help.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting, please see below:

Alternatively, contact us, you have many other options:

  1. By email:
  2. On Twitter: @cwlco
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  8. On GitHub (Development Repository)
    By Telephone:
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    CWL Inc.
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The Founder of CWL Inc. – Kevin Costain

A Toronto-born, technology futurist, small business owner, blogger, photography lover, and sometimes developer. Are you curious about how to work with me? Here are 7 tips about me:

I am passionate about technology. Almost everything I do relates to technology somehow. I can spend hours talking about it with other similarly passionate people. I don’t have (or believe in) hobbies, it is just a matter of me doing stuff I care about.

Email is my main means of communication. If you want me to do something, send me an email about it. I am rarely away from a device that feeds me an email, and will often respond before you’ve minimized whatever mail client you’re using. This also means that if you use any other form of communication, your response from me will be slower. I do not use an answering machine.

I have an automatic filter for not getting “too technical” in conversations. If you want me to dive deeper, tell me, and I’m happy to give you more.

I like people to be straightforward and give me feedback directly. I’m not easily offended. I know I don’t see everything or know every system component, so sometimes you can help me by filling in the details.

Emergencies or Urgent situations are not so because of how bad you want something or because you realize you’ve procrastinated too long. It is based on the priority of danger a particular event poses to your systems. Emergency calls are extremely rare, and CWL takes action in these cases immediately.

If you say that you’ll do something, I expect that you’ll have considered the likelihood that it will happen and that you’ll do everything to live up to that promise. It is important to me that you consistently do exactly what you say you’ll do (or better) because that’s how I try to be. If you don’t live up to this standard, I will change my approach.

When I say I’ll do something, you know that I will do everything to make sure it happens. This also means that no matter where I say this (email, chat, messaging on social media), it is as if I said it face-to-face.