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I Wrote a Book

Hello again blog readers, it’s been a long time. I wanted to share some of what I’ve been up to since my last blog post. I wrote the book From Rent to Ruin: The True Story of My Tenant Nightmare to tell my story of unexpectedly becoming a small landlord, renting my home to a […]


Six Ways Reading Helps Your Writing

Writing is difficult for me. But, conversely, reading is relatively easy. The better the book appeals to my sensibilities, the easier it is to read. The concept that reading more might make my writing better never really connected until I started reading close to one hundred books a year. Here are six ways I’ve found […]


Free Tool: runlist

The problem being solved: Some pesky tools have changed locations and even file names over the years through different versions of Windows. To account for these changes, runlist allows you to create a template for all these different locations and run the tool consistently across machines.


Building a Utilities Database

As long as I have been involved with computing, there have been larger applications such as Microsoft Office that we’re tasked with integrating into systems. There are smaller, much simpler tools that tend to be products of the need to work with larger tools. An example of a small offshoot tool created because of Office […]