As a service provider, software development at CWL is an ongoing and integral part of our process. We’ve written a number of small tools, utilities and other similar types of software over the years. Here is where we’ll feature that development process, downloads, and details about ongoing projects as they continue. In most (if not all cases), the software and code here is free to download and use however you’d like, so long as you mention where you got it from.

1Install / Uninstall [Windows]- Allows a user to peek at uninstallable applications, edit the entries, see the non-installable entries, and install.

2. LastLogin [Command Line / DOS] – Returns the login screen to a specific user name.

3. IconIP [Windows] – Shows the user (via a system tray icon) the last octet of the current IP address. IconIP also has the ability to show another IP octet in the system tray (to assist in subnet recognition), and simply display a static Icon.

4. BatchDBx [Windows] –   Run SQL commands against an ODBC data source in an automated manner.

5. Process Killer (Prockill) [Windows] – Allows you to (a) view and kill running processes interactively (b) kill a process by ID (c) kill a process by fully qualified filename (d) kill a process just by filename (without extension).

6. Reboot / Log Off / Shutdown [Command Line] – Utilities for Windows that simply perform the basic actions such as log off, shut down, or reboot when called.

7. Reboot Now (ReNow) [Windows] – Runs silently (in the system tray) of a Windows PC and reboots the computer when a pre-configured time is reached.

8CRCutil [Windows] – This allows you to use and create applications that can encrypt and decrypt text or compare files.

9. Meeting Minutes [Windows] – Take notes during meetings, save this data in a shared location and allow users to view and comment on the content of the meetings.

10. runlist [Windows Console] – Runs through a list of paths and loads the first available program in the supplied template.

Check back often, this place is not intended to be static. If you have a suggestion for a particular utility, please do say so.