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Three Books I Enjoyed in 2018

The coming end of this year usually brings ponderings of the past and predictions for an unknown future; but screw that. Books are where it’s at. I love to read. As a fellow reader, you’re probably looking for books to add to the “want to read” bookshelf. I’m here to recommend three more that you should check out. These aren’t in any particular order or limited to being published this year, they’re just books I’ve read and loved.

My Book Recommendations To End 2017

Books to read 2017

This year has been a great year to read books. Whether is was picking up Sapiens in Ireland this summer, or relaxing on a beach in Portugal reading another, I was not without a book in hand for many days this year. I thought I’d share the books I’ve read and feel are worth your time. These aren’t ranked in any particular order, as think they’re all worthy of your attention.

Trend: Book Sharing

Book-Lending-LogoSurely you have heard of Electronic Books? You may have also heard of those unscrupulous few who download books they haven’t paid for? But, have you heard of Book Sharing? As it turns out, the process of lending purchased books is starting to really take off thanks to sites like Book Lending and devices that make it easier to share books (like Amazon’s Kindle). When you lend a book to another person, that person generally has 14 days to read it before the book is removed from their device. Take a look are more about book lending from The Globe & Mail and the Toronto Public Library Overdrive service.

Update – Feb 27th: Book lending is covered in a great Wall Street Journal article.

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