Screen Captures With Your Android Device, Without Root

This is a quick post on how to get a screen capture from your Android G2 (or Desire Z in Canada) smartphone. The process (as of the time of writing) is not so easy to get around for phones that are non-rooted – but if you would like to avoid rooting your phone, here’s how to get that screen capture. You are, unfortunately going to need a computer and a USB cable – what I’ll describe here is the process for doing this on Windows 7 32 bit, but it should still work on 64 bit.

Update #1 – Much of the information covered here is for any Android device covered in the SDK you download. I have tested this process with a number of devices and found only the Kobo Vox to go unrecognized so far.

Also of note: the newest version (4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich) introduces a method of screen capture native to the Operating System. Obtaining a screen capture in ICS involves holding down the POWER and DOWN VOLUME keys at the same time. Once the capture is taken, you’ll hear a sound and see an animation.

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