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Anti-Virus Software Is Dead, Long Live Anti-Virus Software

Eset LogoThe anti-virus (AV) application is dead, right? This often bloated, resource intensive application has to scan every single file on a computer; but still misses that one malicious application that brings your network to its knees. What are we to do now that viruses have become so sophisticated and agile? Change the way we approach security, or tell everyone that anti-virus software is just misunderstood?

For those that trumpet AV software, like David Harley of Eset, those in the media and technology industry are simply lost on the value that anti-virus software provides. In a paper released on the company’s  We Live Security blog, Harley goes about crushing all arguments for AV obsolescence in favor of level-headed acceptance of failure – because, “perhaps that’s inevitable”. The fact is, every once in a while, a testing site or  company comes along with a provocative report saying anti-virus software doesn’t work.

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