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Review: Business Backup With Dell AppAsure

Dell-Appasure-01Looking for a nicer solution to backup, I came across AppAssure and decided to take a closer look. My previous exposure to Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager lead me to Dell’s offering based on features and performance.

Since most of our customers are smaller businesses (50 users or less), backups tend to be file synchronization, cloud or tape options. The small business is generally not served by the more enhanced power of bare metal restores and technologies like de-duplication. And it’s a shame, because there is a real market for these great tools if they’re at a reasonable price. In talks with Dell representatives, I learned that AppAssure was a little-known company, and Dell wanted to put some muscle behind this venture to help it take off. My first exposures to the product were through countless seminars and demonstrations. Great for an overview, but not so good if you want to understand how this works. I moved to a trial version (which you can download here – registration required) to see more about this.

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