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Petal Archway

Petal Archway Thumbnail

This is one of the many beautifully manicured parks in the Azores. These small areas appear to be what families visit when taking breaks (evidenced by the BBQs), but also parks that are lovingly taken care of all year long. These parks can be found all over the coastal highway.

Azores Coastline View

Azores Coastline View Thumbnail

Wow, It’s been a while since I’ve posted a photograph. Too long. So let me fix that. Here’s one from my short trip in January to the beautiful islands of Azores. While here, I rented a car; and damn wasn’t that the best possible move. The island has lots of hills and mountainous areas that give you just insane views of the rocky coastline below.

Upside-Down House in Azores

Upside-Down House in Azores

This curious upside-down house in Furnas, São Miguel really surprised me (as I drove by). I battled the relentless rain to try and capture this thing in the most interesting way. The house itself is located near Rua Dr. Frederico Moniz Pereira and is not actually a house – it’s an electrical substation.

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