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Basics: The Ideal Cord-Cutter Setup

Cutting the Cable TV Cord

The marketplace for entertainment is a changing fast. A large number of people are moving away from cable television, and looking for lower cost alternatives. They want the flexibility of seeing TV shows and movies on their terms, but also want a better selection than the cable television providers offer. This article is for you, cord-cutter. Here is what I consider the ideal path to killing that ongoing cable TV package.

Market Shift: Why BIG Changes Have Bell And Rogers Very, Very Afraid

With all changes in life comes a reluctance to accept the change and a tendency to fight them. In Canada, we are undergoing a significant amount of change in the mobile and Cable TV markets. The losers are clearly the main providers of these services, namely Bell and Rogers. I predict in five years or less, we will no longer need to pay for Voice, Long Distance (in North America), and the classic Cable TV. It will be replaced by something very different and all of it, travelling across data. No longer will you be paying for voice plans, long distance on the same continent or Cable TV services.

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