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It’s Always Been About the Chargers

EV Car Charging
How tough is it today to be an Electric Vehicle (EV) driver? Really tough it turns out. As we sit on the precipice of mass-market adoption, more cars are on the road, and the charging infrastructure is not growing nearly as fast as it should. A fact making things worse is all the lip service governments seem to give EV promotion and charger installation, but the results are not there. In all of this is the promise of greater Electric sales and adoption, cleaner energy sources, and price pressures on gas pushing more towards the EV market. But, in my two years of driving an EV, there is a clear dark cloud over charging infrastructure. There aren’t many “Good” chargers out there.

10 Things to Know About the Nissan Leaf [My FAQ]

Nissan Leaf Battery View

The great thing about owning something new and cool is that people talk to me about it. A lot. They’re curious about how I’m enjoying it, they want to know things they can’t seem to find elsewhere. Is there a lack information out there? I think that’s true to a certain extent. Let’s face it, Dears want to sell cars. That’s where I can step in and answer some of these common questions (and hopefully help you understand if the car is right for you). I’ve abridged this list of questions and answers from a recent email conversation with a prospective buyer.

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