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Consulting: How Do You Stay Motivated?

Magic-Server-Pixie-DustIn business there are some things that you’ll find are absolutely true. You’ll have customers that won’t pay, you’ll struggle with cash flow, you’ll hate paperwork. But, one thing that no one will tell you about is how to stay motivated. Yes, there is this sort of power juice that everyone in business needs to keep at it on our worst days. It’s for those days your significant other gives you hell for not devoting time, those days that you’re out of the country and the customer walks away because you can’t take care of them. I want to let you in on a few secrets I’ve learned over the years to keep on keepin’ on.

It has been years too. I have been doing this in some capacity for more than twelve years. Along the way I have run in a great deal of situations that have tried my patience with the very idea of being in business. Through it all, somehow I have stayed the course and continued through the barriers and still get back to it every morning. I learned early on, one of the hardest things we’ll need to do is to start. There are those days you forget to call a customer back, the days that you fail to finish a job on time, the customers that treat you badly. The list of reasons NOT to do this is longer than a donkey’s years

Basics: The Secrets To Being A Great Customer

Computer-RageWe’ve all been in tech challenged situations asking for help from the tech expert. You may be overwhelmed by a problem and just want ot to work. You want to just get this thing fixed and move on. You want to explain what’s happening, but you’re no technology expert, right? Well, I want to let you in on a very important little secret. How you describe your issue and the questions you ask are essential to correcting your issues. Here, let me show you how to master this very important skill.