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DirectDial Affiliate Program: Can It Work For Your Consulting Firm?

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I’m always looking for ways to make this site work better and at the same time create a bit of a revenue stream. Right now there are two ways that I make money. First, is the obvious use of ads – I try to keep this as unobtrusive as possible by putting no more than a few ads on the page. The second way I make money here is by donation. It’s simple, but it’s a link to donate $2.00 (or buy me a coffee). One thing I have thought about though, is the idea of an affiliate situation. If I were to talk about a product (and link to somewhere you might buy it), I have thought about how I might do it. While I’m not currently doing it, I have thought of working with DirectDial for that purpose. Here are my impressions of their offering.

This post has been updated to reflect DirectDial’s recent changes. Some of them have been quite nice. Read on for more details. They appear to be responding well to suggestions of the community, including reaching out to me personally to highlight some of those changes.

DirectDial: A story Of A Difficult Experience [Updated]

Direct-Dial-LogoRecently, I tweeted about a nightmare-ish experience while ordering from DirectDial. Given that I was short on details with my tweet, I wanted to take the time to expand on what happened.


Not only was I contacted by DirectDial afterwards – I was asked by Andrew Pailant on Twitter :


I wanted to let you know what happened, how it played out and what I think Directdial needs to do to improve on what seemed to be a number of failures and breakdowns in communication.

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