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Synnex and the Pain of Hardware Distribution

Synnex LogoAt times in CWL, we sell hardware to customers. Often what this entails is a process of us procuring the hardware from various sources. Sometimes it’s directly from the manufacturer, and sometimes it comes from official distributors. In Canada, we have a few big top-level companies like Techdata, D&H and Synnex. If you’re looking for hardware or software, that’s usually the best place to get stock and decent pricing. These companies are unlike that of an Insight or a CDW in that they typically require manufacturer authorization and will charge a hefty fee to create an account. Along with these barriers to entry, distribution is often a cold process met with various difficulties. Today, I wanted to call out one such painful experience with Synnex and try to understand if this is a systemic problem, or if more is at work.

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