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The Phenomenon Of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird developed by Dong Nguyen

This past week, one game seems to have risen and fallen faster than a bird without wings. The super-difficult Flappy Bird iOS and Android app recently made a name for itself – spreading like wildfire and then disappearing. Even more interesting was the game’s developer taking the game down for seemingly unusual reasons. Flappy Bird is gone, but for those of you that did get it, the game lives on. My own attempt at playing Flappy Bird yielded a score of 10. I wanted to take a closer look at this phenomenon to understand more.

Game Addiction: Plants Vs Zombies

PlantsVZombies-LogoGames aren’t exactly my forte. In fact, the last time I remember playing a game this much was Command & Conquer. Gosh, that was a great game. Recently, Plants vs Zombies has my inner addict screaming for glee. Let me take you to Zombieville.

This all began when a friend showed me the game on his iPhone. I thought “OK plants, zombies, sunlight – that’s dumb” – but I’ll try it. Wow, was I ever surprised. The gameplay seems slow, but the strategy you use makes a larger difference down the road. At the point you’ve purchased every plant, you are given a list of 49 that can be placed into up to 9 “slots” that represent what you’ll use to keep the zombies from entering your house and eating your brains. Sounds simple enough right?

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