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Let’s Change the Game: A New Commenting Process

Your comments deserve to be a larger part of each article than the second-class status they get now. They enhance what is usually me blabbering on about something or other. I have always wondered why comments and the articles they’re attached to have to be separated. They’re off to the side (on Medium), or on the bottom of an article (as was always the case here). On some sites, comments are actually hidden behind several clicks and other inane visual elements that keep you from what others are saying. Others still have simply shut off their commenting systems altogether. I want to change that.

App Idea: Community-Based Micro Task Crowdsourcing Called “Runner”

Men RunningI was on a job site and several hours into the project, and I wanted a coffee. Anything I would have purchased would have been cold by then. I thought, why isn’t there a crowdsource app that could help me have a coffee delivered? If you want something and delivery isn’t an option, Runner can get it for you. If you’re free and will would like to make some money, be a Runner. Let me explain how this would work.

How We Could End Commenting Systems, And Save Blog Comments

There is a real sense that sites of all shapes and sizes are moving away from commenting systems. Pacific Standard appears to have turned them off altogether. I’m seeing comment systems that have been reduced to identity verifiers that allow users to enter text-only when the web itself allows so much more. This had me thinking, how could we remake the entire idea of commenting on blogs (and the web in general). I have an idea how we can save them.

Kevin Rose’s blogging idea

Not long ago, TheNextWeb reported on a new idea from Digg founder Kevin Rose. This idea; Tiny is an idea for a new blogging platform. While Tiny doesn’t seem to be real yet, the YouTube video included gave us a glimpse of what it might look like.

The essence of this is a simple image or video in the background of you as you write. The text is fixed, as are other elements. The idea certainly has merits, but I think this movement towards creating the “Facebook of blogging” is failing to change the parts of blogging that need disruption. Blogging is not in a MySpace phase; Rather, I feel it is in need of a way of expressing ideas that can grow parallel to other real time counterparts, while being compartmentalized in a clear idea or topic.

Why don’t we have an online sale verification system?

Certified StampBack when I published my column about online buying and selling, I jokingly called them “Laws”. These posts drew a mix of interesting opinions, and even some hate. I really thought, at the time, that knowing some of the things I learned the hard way – might help you when facing the daunting task of online commerce. Today, we’re on the cusp of what seems like a revolutionary shift in this process. Soon, iOS7 will include a feature that blocks subsequent users from activation (if turned on), previously stolen devices are becoming easier than ever to track, and even Microsoft was interested in keeping users from reselling games (but they relented). It’s going to become harder than ever to resell your valuable stuff. So I ask, why is it that an independent body hasn’t been developed to verify online goods?

Blogger: Generate A URL Before You Publish

Blogger LogoOne of the difficulties with great new features is when other features don’t get updated or created to accommodate the new usefulness. In Blogger you have the ability to “Schedule” a blog post. This is not the newest feature, but new enough that other features are downright missing. One of the features they should have included, was a way to determine the URL (Universal Resource Locator or the full link to your article) of a scheduled post before it’s posted.

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