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Interview: InoReader’s Creator Talks Scaling and RSS Reader Design

InoReader logoBy all accounts, the RSS Reading space is ripe for disruption. As the dominant tool has died and left room for others to enter the space. As a heavy RSS consumer, I have tried many of the alternatives and settled on InoReader. That hasn’t been without its challenges though, as InoReader has struggled with issues in its very short five month lifespan. When I recently published a story looking into the difficulties, InoReader’s creator, Yordan Yordanov,┬áreached out by email to help explain some of his recent struggles and relate some of what it’s like to scale an application as intensive as an RSS Newsreader.

InoReader Takes a Nap

InoReader logoThe curious story of RSS Reader InoReader unfolded in the most painful way possible this evening. The tool suffered a major outage a little after 6:15pm Eastern Standard Time and, as of press time, hadn’t come back up. The very capable Google Reader alternative had been gaining attention and users after the shutdown of Google’s Reader on July 1st. I decided to look at what was going on, and the prospects for this great tool.

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