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The Elevator Pitch

@jimayson on #SmartDevNet elevator pitch

Photo Credit: Flickr

2013 has been an interesting year for myself, and Calwell. It has been a good year to be involved with technology consulting, and we’ve has helped solve a great deal of technology challenges. During the year, I’ve also seen a great shift. More prolific blogging about real products and ideas. More companies and individuals interested in having me be a part of ideas they’ve created. I have had a few ideas of my own over the years; but I am now in a better position than ever to support and invest in other ideas.

What connects all of this is Calwell’s continued growth. Through the great number of challenges faced and starting with almost little support and less investment – Calwell was not supposed to succeed. Over the years, however, a great deal of amazing folks grew to support what I was doing and that grew to something I’m proud of today. Sure, it’s ongoing, but I’ve learned a lot about this thing called “independent contracting”. Today, many see this as something they want to do. On an average day, I see a number of elevator pitches from various companies and individuals – many of them I have started to invest in.

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