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iPhone 5s’s fingerprint reader

iPhone 5s Touch ID sensor explodedDespite what John Gruber asserts, criticisms of the Touch ID fingerprint reader appear accurate. If the purpose of this new tool is to reduce friction on the login process, it does succeed; but, if the purpose is zero friction, Touch ID fails. I’ve had the new iPhone 5s for about a week now, and I’ve been using the new fingerprint scanner as my default unlocking option. What follows are some observations on how this works, and what you might expect with this new tool.

On the iPhone 5C and 5S

Apple's iPhone 5S Lineup

The 5C is an interesting product launch for Apple. It’s clear that this phone is not being sold as a low-cost iPhone, but rather a pseudo-replacement for the iPhone 5, repackaged. This gives Apple a broader and clearer product line and doesn’t force them into a “cheap” phone position. The idea of repurposing similar hardware in a new body (or vice-versa) has been done by Blackberry before, and it’s a smart move. You might say that Apple should have released a lower cost model, and that may be missing the point.

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