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Free Tool – EASEUS Todo [Backup/Restore]

I’m always looking for new and interesting tools or utilities. Every day I come across a number of these useful programs and look forward to sharing them with you. In this series of blogs I’ll go over some of the best and most interesting I have found and tested – I welcome you to go try one of them and let me know what you think!

Today: EASEUS Todo Backup (Author’s Web Site)
Version:  1.1
Platforms: All current Windows versions only
Licence: Freeware

25 cool pictures taken at just the right time..

There are so many things I find on the internet and none is more interesting or time consuming than looking at pictures other people have taken. Many of these pictures are on – not to mention blogs where people are dedicated to the hobby of picture taking. Others, like the link I’m going to give you make collections of cool pictures – this is one i came across that i thought was cool. Check it out here