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Colorado Rockies Vista

Colorado Rockies Vista

A vista so incredible, it could be on the side of a beer can. Colorado has a litany of scenes like this that you might find yourself with too much to shot pictures of.. I loved how the mountains contrast with the human activity lower in the picture (in this case a parking lot for a national park). 

Colorado’s Bear Lake

Colorado's Bear Lake

The beautiful Bear Lake in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain National Park area, with it’s litany of mountainous views, is full of opportunities to soak up rich scenery. Given that this location sits at an elevation of 9,450 feet, you have to do everything slower. It was a cold day in this shot too, but also clear enough for shooting this scene at the tip of a nature path that stretched around the entire lake. 

Icelandic Landscape Panorama

Icelandic Landscape Banner

Very reminiscent of Alberta looking towards British Columbia., this Icelandic landscape is as beautiful as it is cold and unforgiving. Days on this northern are short, and I really wanted to capture some of the landscape in all it’s glory. Stopping along the side of the road near a farm house gave me a nice view of this mountain range.

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