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An Open Letter To Dell Customer Service

The contents of the following was sent to a Dell representative after being told to “Call tech support” with zero assistance otherwise. I had been in need of some real help while being under some intense pressure from multiple sources, and Dell dropped the ball. This is the email I sent to my Customer Support Representative Ian – who was actually on leave from work at the time. He had been great at handling requests, but his replacement was much, much less than helpful to my cause.

So, without further delay, here’s what I said to Dell:

An Open Letter to Bell Canada

Bell Canada LogoDear Bell Canada,

I have to say Bell, you and I need to talk. We have really had this bittersweet relationship for a number of years and, for the most part I have been silent. I have waited while you find a suitable customer representative, I have been patient when, after tying in my phone number, that very rep asks me for the same number again. As one of your customers, my tolerance for you has reached a breaking point.

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