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Bluepass – An Interesting New Password Manager

Bluepass LogoIf you use passwords, you should store them securely somehow. This generally saves you from losing something, and should help you improve the strength of passwords you already use on websites. I’m a big fan of the powerful tool named Keepass, but always on the lookout for new and interesting tools that might help us improve password storage and use. This search lead me to Bluepass, a new tool (like Keepass) that intends to have cross-platform support and a new syncing feature for your data. Bluepass is currently in its early stages and looking for support.

Password Hashing Sites – A Safer Way to Use Passwords?

PassGen-2Recently, I’ve noticed a number of sites popping up with tools to make passwords more secure. The idea is that you go to the site, enter a few details, and the site generates a more secure password for that site. This allows you to have passwords that can be looked up, never stored anywhere and different for every site you use. As you’re probably aware, we like the password management tool Keepass for storing passwords – but what if you didn’t have to store them? What if you could easily remember a few phrases and generate unique passwords for each site you use based on those simple details? Beyond the safety of the service, it’s certainly an interesting idea.

CWL Best: Keepass Fixes The Password Problem

keepass logoReality is, passwords aren’t going anywhere. I’ve mentioned Keepass before, and for good reason, Keepass is a great tool for managing passwords and storing them in a secure database. I would be limiting the scope of this great tool if I didn’t show you why Keepass deserves to be considered an indispensable tool. When you start to see what it can do, you may also describe it as THAT great tool.
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