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Talking Calwell #5 – iPhone 5s, Fingerprints and Hulk Hogan

Talking Calwell #5Back with our first episode in a while. We’ve been working on new ways to record the podcast, and #5 uses Skype. We’d sure love to know what you guys think.

We discusses topics such as the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner, and of course Apple in general. We look at branding a business including the bizarre Hostamania by Hulk Hogan. We’ll cover IT Services as a commodity and self -hosting or in the cloud, and a possible third option.

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Talking Calwell #3 – Windows XP, Operating Systems

Talking Calwell #3We’re back with Talking Calwell #3. Zayd joins me to talk about Windows XP support ending a year from now. Is Windows XP a waste? Should you run out to upgrade? We talk about our thoughts on Windows 8, the Metro interface and really, are operating systems free? We revisit a conversation from last podcast about permissions and using the write attributes permissions.

Also in this edition of Talking Calwell we cover topics as diverse as Hyper V Server, Novell and using ESX to host more than four virtual machines.

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Talking Calwell #2 – NAS4Free, Permissions, ESX, NIC Teaming

Talking-Calwell-2Today Zayd and I cover all sorts of topics while in the background, Facebook announces its new “Home” product. We talk about how amazing Dropbox is and how bad Google Drive is, and many other services that seem to copy Dropbox. We talk about the web, web apps and even mention Little Outliner.

Zayd talks about his use of NAS4Free in a RAID 1+0 configuration. We look at  file permissions on Windows and discuss features we’d like to see. We look at screening files in relatively unknown File Server Resource Manager. Zayd discusses how setup ESX Server to act as an internal switch.  Zayd talks about teaming network cards and bonding Internet connections.

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Talking Calwell #1: A new podcast

Talking-Calwell-1This has been something I’d wanted to for a while. The idea of this podcast existed in my mind, taking many forms until I knew what would make this different.  It hit me, what has always happened between my friends and colleagues fit the mold perfectly. We are all IT administrators, Electricians  Managers, Programmers, Graphic Artists, and from other diverse fields –  with one core strain through all of what we do – a love and  focus on technology.

What this podcast will do is give you an inside look into our conversations. We’ll cover topics such as current events, knowledge, administration, science and any other technology related topics that are on our minds.

In this first episode, I talk with Zayd Khaial. Zayd is a long time colleague and friend. We talk about just how long that’s been. Other topics include schooling, operating systems, screen size, Google Reader’s demise and much more.

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