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Basics: 6 Things To Look For When Buying A New Laptop Or Desktop Computer

ShoppingCartWhen you’re in this business of fixing and maintaining technology – one of the most common questions you’ll be asked is “What do I look for in a new computer?”. While I’m usually obliged to ask for more about the prospective computer in question – sometimes the brand names come up and sometimes it’s just a general question because the customer wants to buy a new one. Coming to me (the IT Guy) is a good step and a worthwhile use of time, but without me, what kind of stuff can you do to find the computer that’s best for you?

DirectDial: A story Of A Difficult Experience [Updated]

Direct-Dial-LogoRecently, I tweeted about a nightmare-ish experience while ordering from DirectDial. Given that I was short on details with my tweet, I wanted to take the time to expand on what happened.


Not only was I contacted by DirectDial afterwards – I was asked by Andrew Pailant on Twitter :


I wanted to let you know what happened, how it played out and what I think Directdial needs to do to improve on what seemed to be a number of failures and breakdowns in communication.

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