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The Rise Of The Heavy-Handed Provider

heavy-handed-1Imagine you find yourself suddenly without access to the email you depend on every day. You’re not sure exactly why the access has been denied, but even worse – there are no phone numbers to call a person for help. When you finally do send the message, you’re given few details on what appears to have been a compromise. Your faceless and monolithic email provider eventually returns access and you carry on, shaken over the experience. Over the last few years, I’ve seen an interesting and troubling rise of this phenomenon. Companies – especially those providing infrastructure – are acting more distant and heavy-handed.

Rogers TechXpert Service: A Closer Look

Rogers TechXpert LogoIn Canada, one of the biggest telecommunications companies is Rogers. Recently, Rogers announced a service offering to it’s customers called TechXpert. You can see the announcement here. After looking past the marketing materials, I found this service to be incredibly interesting. Join me as I look a little deeper at what Rogers TechXpert is, and isn’t.

Basics: The Secrets To Being A Great Customer

Computer-RageWe’ve all been in tech challenged situations asking for help from the tech expert. You may be overwhelmed by a problem and just want ot to work. You want to just get this thing fixed and move on. You want to explain what’s happening, but you’re no technology expert, right? Well, I want to let you in on a very important little secret. How you describe your issue and the questions you ask are essential to correcting your issues. Here, let me show you how to master this very important skill.

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