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A surprising Globe and Mail admission

Globe and Mail LogoToday, very few press outlets are reporting  the story of the large Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail informing its subscribers that they would not publish a Labor Day edition. The lack of publishing is not as interesting as the big admission The Globe makes afterwards. Here is the text of the purported email:

Dear Subscriber:

The Globe and Mail has decided not to publish a newspaper on Labour Day, Monday, September 2, 2013, due to a lack of advertising revenue for this issue, which is needed to cover the costs of formatting, printing and delivery of the paper, and the number of vacation stops by subscribers.

It continues to explain more about The Globe’s paid online offering, but little else. No more details about this exist on The Globe’s website right now, nor at any other official sources. While reasonable to see The Globe not publish on a holiday, the stunning admission of low revenue seems like a major mistake on the part of the writer. Either that, or a plea for more online subscribers?

Digital News Is Changing – The Globe And Mail Forces A Paywall

“It gives them better journalism”

With that, Globe and Mail’s editor-in-chief John Stackhouse explains why adding a paywall to will be better for all of us Canadians. With this move on October 22, The Globe becomes the first of Canada’s national newspapers to force a paywall on it’s readers. All indications are that few people consider this a positive move (of 99 comments on one paywall-related article, I found one positive and many deleted). A bold move?

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