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8 Best Toronto Area Places to Charge An Electric Car (And the Worst)

EV Car Charging

Driving and electric car (or EV) requires that you have a near constant access to charging locations. Thankfully, this improves every day, but the infrastructure is still in its infancy. As a driver in the General Toronto, Ontario Area (GTA), I have found some really great locations to charge from. If you depend on chargers outside of your home, here are some locations you’ll love – and one you’ll want to avoid.

ParkinToronto: Using Data To Avoid Parking Tickets In Toronto

ParkinToronto report for Front StreetLots of interesting things are happening with big data today. One interesting application has gotten some coverage in the Toronto Star today. is a new site that uses Toronto’s freely available parking ticket database to give users a way to search for past ticket details on a specific location. As they say: “This information can be used to determine the probability of getting a parking ticket at a given time and place.”. The idea certainly isn’t new, but it is one that is becoming more prevalent as users continually look for ways to make sense of data.

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