The Troubling Trend Toward Secure HTTP

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In a recent blog post, Mozilla (makers of the popular Firefox browser) plan to set a date by which non-encrypted [1] websites would see access to browser features gradually removed. While the details aren’t yet clear as to the timeframe, or exactly what features will be limited; but it’s a definite message that powerful players are pushing encryption on everyone. This trend of “encrypt everything” is becoming very troubling.

Our Custom Domain Short URLs Are Now With bit.ly

bitly-1URL shorteners – they’re great for turning a very long link into something much shorter and easier to work with. For a long time, I’ve used the service Google provides with Apps Engine called Google Short Links (not to be confused with Google’s Public Shortener). The key has always been trying to make very short links with the cwl.cc domain. With Google, the shortest I can get is three characters before the first period, so I chose url.cwl.cc. There had to be something better out there, and I found it in bit.ly.

Blogger: Generate A URL Before You Publish

Blogger LogoOne of the difficulties with great new features is when other features don’t get updated or created to¬†accommodate¬†the new usefulness. In Blogger you have the ability to “Schedule” a blog post. This is not the newest feature, but new enough that other features are downright missing. One of the features they should have included, was a way to determine the URL (Universal Resource Locator or the full link to your article) of a scheduled post before it’s posted.

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