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Solitary Boat in Portrush

Solitary Boat in Portrush

I found this boat in Portrush, Northern Ireland. At a population of 6,454 (2011), this small town hosts university students or tourists, depending on the season. I met with a few fishermen who decided to forgo the boats and cast straight off the coast for mackerel to little success (at the time). 

Colorado’s Bear Lake

Colorado's Bear Lake

The beautiful Bear Lake in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain National Park area, with it’s litany of mountainous views, is full of opportunities to soak up rich scenery. Given that this location sits at an elevation of 9,450 feet, you have to do everything slower. It was a cold day in this shot too, but also clear enough for shooting this scene at the tip of a nature path that stretched around the entire lake. 

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