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HTTPS, Again – Should We Be Screaming About This?

Google's Site SSL Icon

This whole HTTPS and Google’s push to encrypt (or weaponize depending on your perspective) is back on people’s lips again. I’m a little late to the party of course, since I have been out of the country so many times in the last three months that blogging has been a distant thought. With all of this talk, I’m left to wonder if the uproar has any merit. You’ll remember, I’ve spoken about this before; actively discussing Dave Winer’s commonly cited reason why sites don’t need to move to SSL.

Using Microsoft’s Office Web Viewer

Office Viewer Link ToolJust like Google, Microsoft is maturing its web app offerings. With this, they’re becoming more useful and versatile. I’m a big fan of useful and  flexible tools on the web. This is really the kind of thing Microsoft should have been working on since the late nineties. Imagine if that was the case, and we’d have a mature,  easy, embeddable way to view Office (and PST?) files from Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft has offered a way to publicly view Office files by way of their own Office Web Viewer. I’ll show you how this process works, and how you might make use of it yourself.

First Look: Small Picture’s Little Outliner

little-outliner-3I’m interested in what Dave Winer does. He’s been a part of innovations that are the foundation of the Internet. Sure, I don’t exactly agree with his view on comments, but I think he’s an amazing innovator and high on the list of people I’d love to sit down with in person. When he released a new tool, Little Outliner, I wanted to take my time to understand what it was, how easy I might learn to use it, what others might think of it and generally let the idea sink in. It’s important to let these things sink in when taking a look.

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