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Year End Wrap And 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2012

topten-2Time does fly. It’s hard to┬ábelieve┬áthat we’re saying goodbye to yet another year. 2012 saw its fair share of interesting events from major hurricanes, popular videos and a big miss on that “end of the world” thing. Thankfully, we’re all still here so I can properly wrap up the year on Blogging Calwell (and yes, I did forget to do it last year). Change was in the air too; we went through a major domain and platform shift from Blogger to WordPress as well as a move to reduce the overall noise on this blog. We do hope you like how things are evolving as the work continues.

2010: The Best Of Blogging Calwell

Wow, 2010, what a year. This is my 96th blog post on Blogging Calwell – so you could say it was a good year! We all felt the pinch economically and personally this year, but technology was as interesting and fascinating as it’s always been. You may have already seen my Year In Review, so you know exactly how 2010 was (and how I think 2011 will unfold). Perhaps, though, you are new to this blog or just wondering what kind of stuff might be in those 96 blogs of 2010? Well, you’re in the right place, so let me show you.

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