Catching the soap in the shower, Crackberries…

Have you ever come across things that you thought were lucky or that might bring you luck? I did today, and it made me think.

I was in the shower this afternoon and I dropped the soap – but I caught it right out of the air. Wet soap, as you know is slippery and generally un-catchable – so this was an incredibly rare event. I wondered to myself what other things have I done that might be construed as somewhat lucky (and trust me, I do have the worst luck of anyone I know).. I have had a bird fly directly into my chest, I’ve found various pennies on the ground… what kinds of things have you done or seen that might have been lucky?

Then, this gets me to a totally unrelated thought about Blackberries. Apparently many people have reported feeling phantom vibrations (the vibration is often how blackberries are set to notify their owners of new calls). CNN has a story about it here (note: that link is no longer good on CNN’s servers). I find that this happens to me as well from time to time. It’s an amazing trick of the mind that seems to happen more an more. Hopefully I don’t have a tumor in my hip… :)