The Tim Horton’s Cookie Switch

Many of you know, I’m sure, that I’m a devoted and dedicated Tim Horton’s customer. I consume way too much coffee and purchase all of said coffee from Tim Horton’s. I have recently found a small, somewhat secret change that Tim Horton’s has made that seems to have increased their earnings, while stiffing us, the customer.

You have to know, this was unexpected. I ordered a turkey sandwich combo this afternoon and to my amazement, I found that Tim Horton’s cookies had changed. The cookies seemed larger, the stuff inside of the cookie seemed to be “chunk-y-er” too. I thought to myself, great, I imagine people are going like this. After paying for my combo, I was given only one of these new cookies. I thought… ohhh.. I get it.

To see the rub – you need to see the size of the cookie. Compared to the old cookies I would guess (conservatively) that the size is 25% larger than the old ones. Given that Tim Horton’s now hands out only one cookie for each and every combo – they are making an automatic 75% profit on each of these combos. I suppose if you factored in the extra labor and “chunks added to the cookies you might round it out to a 50% loss to the customer.

This is a great marketing ploy for Timmies, but not so good for us lowly customers. I wonder, did the single-cookie prices go up with the new size of the cookies? Hmmm…