What do you take with your coffee?

It’s an answer we all know, heck, we’re all probably drinking a Tim Horton’s coffee right now :) I wonder if you ever stopped to give it a thought to how the simplest of decisions can define you?

So, I take a large+2 Milk in the morning and after that I start drinking medium+2 cream. Friends of mine drink any number of these combination including extra large + double double, large+2 cream one sweetener and I even know someone who takes their coffee with a half sugar (really, they do that at Tim Hortons.. haha). I have purchased a coffee all over the world from a Starbucks in Piccadilly Village to a Cafe Americano in Mexico City.

I look at the coffee choices I make and think, hmmm the sugar and cream are quite fattening – over the years I have strove to cut down on these. I totally eliminated sugar (with the help of my friend Derek) and then switched to milk for some of my coffee. I think I drive the ladies at Tim’s nuts with all these different choices I make. If in the end I am some way defined by my coffee choices I hope its at least not in the waistline :)