What exactly does BLOG mean anyway?

While watching a recent episode of Jon Stewart – Jon was interviewing Jerry Seinfeld. The interview wasn’t a question-answer type process, it was more of a free flowing conversation.. one thing Jerry says is how unattractive the word “blog” is. I have to say, I agree, the word does sound like something you would spit up or something you could say instead of the word puke: “I just ate jello and it made me blog all over the carpet!”.

True enough, this seems odd to me that we even call Weblogs a “blog”? Really, what does the “b” stand for anyway? Look around, you won’t find an answer to that question anywhere. One of the keys to a blog is that its sort of an online journal that is in reverse-chronological order, so I imagine the “b” could be a “d” backwards? The “d” would of course stand for daily. I really find it interesting such a word would be so commonly used but no one seems to know what the hell it means.. :)