Working With Other Technical People – It’s a Two-Way Street

Wow, its often fascinating what happens when I look for information from other tech people and get that strange type of attitude, I’m sure they deal with so many stupid questions that they get somewhat fed up with anything that might resemble that. In my line of work, I often have to be in touch with other technical people, and being someone who is considered technical myself (most people think so.. haha), I tend to deal with that sort of smarmy attitude often.

I ask you to take this exchange for example.

Update: Since this link is offline, you’ll have to imagine the conversation I was having. Next time I’ll get a screen grab.

What’s so funny to me is the user ‘nil’ jumping in and trying to calm us down… I was actually laughing out loud on that one. I really tried to come back to the user ‘steve-o’ and be honest about what I was looking for and yet still call him on what I thought was a somewhat not-cool attitude. Usually when I do that I get my ass chewed off! Naturally, those guys (or gals) had no reason whatsoever to be helpful – or to with me for coming back in the manner I did. I really do appreciate their honesty – what a really cool exchange of ideas!