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How to Put An HR Tag in Blogger’s Post Feed Footer

Blogger LogoBlogger can be a real pain sometimes, there are a bunch of tags that cannot be used in the Post Feed Footer section of Blogger’s Site Feed settings. Those of you that aren’t aware, the site feed is your Blogger site’s RSS feed and contains either a short snippet of each of your blog or the entire text. The Site Feed Footer can be used to add consistent text (or links) to the bottom of each feed entry – much in the same manner as you might create a document feeder.

The trouble is, Blogger doesn’t support a number of HTML tags in this section, among them are the very useful <hr> and <br> tags. You’ll find that no method of using, say, the <hr> tag will work correctly. So, here’s what I do to get around this issue.

Instead of <br>
If I want newlines and can’t use the <br> tag, I put paragraph tags, <pr> </pr> around the line of text I want to stand on it’s own line. You cannot, however just put together <pr> </pr> to get separation. That sucks, but it should allow you to separate your footer text from your blog. This is not perfect unfortunately, but it may be the only way to get some spacing between your blog and the footer.

Instead of <hr>

If you want the horizontal rule, you can’t use the <hr> tag, but what I do is surround a bunch of underscores with the paragraph tag. it will look something like this:
<pr> <hr> </pr>

These are my suggestions, I haven’t tested all possibilities, do you have any other that you have tested?